Sexiest girl fight

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The best fight I saw happed in back of the school building. They two girls were going to punch it out in front of a crowd of students. Boys were hoping to see some skirts flip up and see some panties. One of them ended in a head lock with her skirt pinned up her back showing her red panties to everyone. Boys went crazy screaming to pull them down, so two girls jumped in and yanked them down to her knees. She was still in a head lock, while boys rushed over to get a look at her crotch. You could see her butt hole and her pussy clearly and she couldn’t do a thing about. Every boy there saw her naked from the waist down and had a good look at her still she finaly was let go. The poor girl became the talk of the whole school and teased for the rest of the year. Very embarrassing to be the only girl that showed off her pussy to half the boys in school.