I think you need to wear a size A bra

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Well, I have a lot of embarrassing moments, but I’m going to share one of those stories that I remembered. It’s like one of those boy embarrassments!! I hope you like this one!!! It just happened a few days ago. I was with my boyfriend, and we went to the mall together. He is really into me and I’m really into him. So there was this sale of under wears and bras. And I saw my mom in that store of the sale!! Adn she saw me too!!! So I was going to run away. But then, she called my name and she was holding up an A size bra. “Hey, Kelly, I think this one is for you.” she said. She said it so loud that the whole store heard her, including my boyfriend. I was so embarrassed. I actually wear a size B by the way. Anyways, then I was walked away like I didn’t now her. And then we were at this corner kissing. And I was wearing a very low cut shirt. So he suddenly reached inside my shirt and grabbed one of my boobs. And then he said, “Kelly, I think you need to wear a size A bra!!” And he started laughing!! I was so embarrassed!!!