She smacked all of our hands

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3rd grade, I’ll never forget. I was in the back with all the cool people blowing spitballs, when the teacher caught me and the other kids. She made us put our heads down while they went to an assembly. They now call it “time out”. Well when she was gone we all played a game, running on top of the desk. Back then (early 80’s) the doors had little windows in them. She peaked through while I was jumping in mid air. I tried to look back and trip on the cord of a old record player. It crashed to the floor. The teacher came in with the class, and started chasing me with the yard stick. She broke the yard stick across my back, and yelled I will tell your mother. She smacked all of our hands. I had a mouth on me back then, along with my friends. 1 girl mother came and cuss the teacher out, saying, “you do not have my permission to hit my daughter, and don’t let it happen again.” My mother came and couldn’t believe her ears. She beat my *** good in front of the class, and then gave the teacher permission to hit me anytime she deems it necessary. I never been so embarrassed in my life. I move to the front of the class, and my mother never had a problem with me and school again!!! EVER1