my pants have fallen down a couple of times


my pants have fallen down a couple of times


1. when i was in middle school, we had to go to 6th grade camp, and there we had camp wide football games, we would make teams and have a tournament, well my team ended up winning it all, so they announced our names ove the intercom, when they called your name you would run down the hill do a dance or wutever, well, they called my name, i just start goin down the hill, my pants fall down, i trip and fall all of the way down the hill and the whole camp laughed at me

tdl’;r: my pants fell down and i fell down a hill

2. i left the classroom to get a drink, came back, and jumped up to grab the top of the door frame, and i jump up and grab it and my pants fell down, so i’m hangin there in my grunders, and everyone is lauhing at me, i was soo embarrased

tdlr.;: jumped up to grab door frame and pats fell down in front of classmates