Got stripped in cub scouts

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This happened when I was about 8 at a pack meeting, the parents were all inside chatting and whatever leaving us boys outside in the back yard of the house.  We were always having pantsings and the like, but none of us had ever had our underwear taken, so I think there was something of an itch that had grown that needed to be scratched.  One of the boys called out “First guy to say ‘what’ gets stripped.”  Not having quite heard him, I stupidly called out “what.”  He yelled out, “Mike said what, let’s strip him.”

I kind of sighed a bit, I knew what was going to happen and knew it was about 8 on one and I didn’t stand a chance, but oh well, I had been pantsed before, I figured they would pull my pants down, laugh at my tighty whities (hey, we all wore them back then) and that would be that.  I of course planned on putting up some resistance, but I knew what the outcome was going to be.  They were on me fairly quickly and one of the boys had gotten behind me and pulled my arms behind me to immobilize me, and to my surprise one boy started undoing the buttons on my shirt while another started working on my belt.  None of the pantsings we’d done before involved the shirt.  At this point I think a few others realized what was about to happen and helped to pull my shirt off without letting me get free.  While my arms were pretty much tied up by my shirt being pulled off behind me another boy had joined in working on my belt and they had succeeded in unbuckling it and were unbuttoning my pants.  As soon as they had unbutton my pants, they had hardly gotten my zipper down before someone was yanking my pants down. At this point the guy holding my arms back lifted me up so that they could take my pants completely off.  This was the furthest that anyone had gone, and I was already pretty embarrassed to be in nothing but my underwear, but they didn’t let go.  The go holding me then said “well, what are you waiting for, strip him.”  I was panicking a bit at this point, I knew that I was about to have my underwear pulled off and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I could see that a lot of them were looking like they wanted to do it, it was the natural escalation from the pantsings we had done and eventually one of us was going to be the one that everyone saw naked, all of them were obviously relived it wasn’t going to be them.  At the same time, they were a bit hesitant, none of them had done this before.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity to me (really it was probably about 30 seconds, but I knew what was going to happen and almost just wanted it over with) a boy came forward and kneeled down in front of me and grabbed the waist band of my underwear and started slowly to pull down my underwear.  When they had slid down to just barely above when it would have started to expose my penis he stopped and I thought that maybe he had changed his mind, maybe I wouldn’t be exposed today… then he just yanked them the rest of the way down and off.

At this point I am completely naked and unable to even cover myself.  All of them were at this point laughing and saying things like “yes, we finally stripped someone”, “look at Mike naked”, and “I saw his thing, I know what his thing looks like now” (we were 8).  It had to be one of the most humiliating (and later in life I’ll admit exhilarating things to look back on) things in my life.  I don’t remember exactly how and when they let me go and put my clothes back on, but it basically came down to they got tired of the show and were ready to move onto the next whatever it was to do.


We’ll laugh someday…

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I came home from work early on a Friday afternoon. I figured I was alone in the house because my 16 year old son is usually out on Fridays and we are the only ones that live together. So I figured it would be safe to walk around naked so I can take a shower. I went to my room and stripped myself of my clothes. I than walked down the hall towards the bathroom. The next thing I know I catch my son walking towards the bathroom who is naked as well and he sees me doing the same. We were both frozen in shock as we looked at each other. My son couldn’t help but stare at my breasts while I couldn’t help but stare at his penis (which is quite small for his age). “Hey mom…” My son said trying to break the ice as well trying hard not to stare. “Hi sweetie. I didn’t know you were home.”  I said as I also was trying not to stare. “I was in my room listening to music, I had my headphones on. I thought you finished work later.” “I uh finished early. I was about to take a shower.” “Oh me too. Great minds think alike I suppose.” “Yeah, yeah I guess.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he was getting an erection. “Uh honey, your little peepee is well growing.” “I’m sorry mom. I mean you are …. well preserved for being a 45 year old woman.” He said in a way that wouldn’t sound too weird. “Thank you … sweetie. And you’re quite … hairy for someone your age.” I said trying not to hurt his feelings. I really wanted to say that he was small instead of hairy but he was both so it was all right. “Thanks mom. Hey you’re pretty hairy yourself.” he said as he was pointing to my crotch. “Yeah, I guess you get that from me.” We both laughed after I said that. “Look mom this shouldn’t really be awkward. I mean you have seen me naked before. And I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly grown where it counts since than.” He said in an almost annoyed but truthful tone. “You’re right sweetie, I mean sure it’s been a long time but this is isn’t our first time being naked together.” “So we’ll put our clothes on and laugh about this when we’re older.” “Exactly.” We than went back in our rooms and put our clothes on in the hopes that we might actually laugh about the whole situation in the near future.



Dorm Showers at Camp

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The summer before my junior year I went to a four week music program at the local university. It was a very nice program. You stayed in the dorms, and then went to music classes during the day. I was staying in a dorm of all guy, all high school age. There were 18 guys living on my floor and one shared bathroom. The mornings were very hectic. About a week into the program i was walk down the stairs from my dorm to breakfast. When I noticed that the staircase went up another floor. I thought my dorm on the third floor was the top of the building. I went up to see what was up there. There was another floor of dorms but judging by the lack of posters and name tags on the doors, I assumed it was not being used this summer. I checked and saw that the bathroom was unlocked, and completly empty. Tye next morning I decided I was going use that shower room. I got up at normal time and took my longest shower of the trip so far. When I got out I realized I need to shave so I just walked up to a mirror and started shaving. I was still naked. I didn’t think it would matter because no one was there. Half way tgrough my shave, four guys came in dressed in towels and bathrobes. “Nice buns, josh!” They yelled the were talk about my butt since I was completly naked and my back was turned. They were all counselors at the camp and the floor, was were their dorms were. I was humilated


Caught in the act

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Last week I went around to my GF’s house and she was in the shower and I was really horny. So I thought I might have a quick w**k so I pulled down my pants and I was w**nking. I didnt hear my GF come in the room she looked at me and I was on the bed with my eyes close w**nking. She shouted and I shot cum right at her. She got mad, made me strip and she sent me home butt naked!


Barbarian Girl

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I’m a Live Action Role Player and my character is a barbarian.

Last summer, during an event, because of the heat, I decided for a light clothing; being barbarian could not simply wear light cloth, but fur and leather, so I decided for a bra made by leather and fur, and a short skirt of the same material.

My boots were too hot, so I opted for the flip-flops, but covered by fur greaves, which covered from the knee to the top of the foot, leaving the sole and toes discoveries (in any case I was wearing flip-flops).

I wore shorts under her skirt anyway, but since I am petite, my breast is not exactly huge, I was wearing the bra fur only.

The first day my group was sent on a mission of exploration to hunt down a group of bandits in an area of ​​dense forest.

I had not considered the functionality of my clothing, and the first thing that broke was the flip-flops, leaving me barefoot in the middle of the woods; I have a certain habit of walking barefoot around, but the forest was full of things that sting, sharp rocks and thorns.

In any case, however, I decided to continue, walking in a careful manner so as not to step on sharp things, and trying not to think that I would have to play for at least another six days in bare feet, because I had not brought other suitable footwear.

But the tragedy came later, when the rear end of my bra got caught in a branch, tearing the bra into pieces (I had done it by hand and I’m a poor tailor).

As soon as the poor remains of the bra fell to the ground, I dropped my weapons (I have a cuple of foam axes) to cover her breasts with my hands, but not fast enough to prevent the rest of my group (a dozen boys) to observe my naked breast.

Was not the first time that I was topless in front of people, usually at the beach or when I tan, or in other situations it happened to me (sometimes as penance for losing a bet), but it always depends on the situation, then I became as red as a tomato.

The leader of the group then stopped the others and told everyone to wait until I had shed her bra, and give me a little privacy, so everyone turned the head away.

I picked up the bra, always, however, keeping an arm across his chest to cover me, and I realized that I could never wear that thing without first re-do a lot of repairs.

“I can not wear it, I should sew it but I do not have the tools.” I said.

“This is a problem – said the leader – if you want a couple of us will accompany you to the camp to find something to wear”

I was really embarrassed, because a part of me wanted to find something to cover my bare breasts, while another part of me wanted to continue the mission.

So I made a decision, winning my embarrassment, I took my arms from my chest, showing my bare breasts at all, I picked up my ax and said, “I am a barbarian, I’m not ashamed of being naked”

The boys in my group were all good guys, applauded my statement, more for the demonstration of courage for the fact that they had a girl topless with them all day.

However many of them were happy to have the opportunity to look at my Teats until sunset.

I would be happy to say that after a while ‘I got used instead the embarrassment haunted me all day.

When we met the NPC brigands, due to the fact that I could feel their eyes on my naked breast, and the fact that I was, however, barefoot on a painful ground, during a fight, I was knocked down (of curse simulated, one put an hand on my shoulder, and  rested the pommel of the sword back of my head, saying “stun”) and I was captured.

They fake tied my harms on my back, fake tied mean the crossed my hand at my back and gave me a rope to hold whit them, I was not actually tied, but I have to pretend, this prevented me from covering my breasts.

It was really embarrassing, because they began to interrogate me, also simulating the torture.

Of course they were all great guys, none of them dared to touch me or be really rude, just acting as brigants, but I could feel their curiosity about the fact that my breasts were naked and exposed.

Obviously I was saved by my companions, who wiped out the bandits and we could return to camp.

The return to camp was also extremely embarrassing.

The boys in my group, however, are my friends, but to camp there were about 600 people, 600 strangers, they would see me bare breasts.

My bare feet ached from having walked all day without any protection on rough terrain, so I could not run in my tent, but I had to walk across the field, also if I had covered my breasts with my arms, it would have been worse, because I would have lured more attention.

Then I walked boldly, almost flaunting my bare breasts, as if I had decided to do it myself, but the embarrassment was killing me inside, and in any case I believe that the vision of a young (I turned 18yo like a couple of week before) and petite girl, with a cascade of red curls, naked except for a fur kilt walking boldly through the camp, almost proud of his nakedness, it is easy to notice and remember.

When I was in my tent I began to try to repair the bra, but it was damaged beyond all hope.

I asked for help even the head of the group, which was a great tailor (as well as being a good approximation of lookalike Jason Momoa)

He came to my tent and looked, and said that he did not think there was much to do.

Unfortunately, as naive as I am, I had not brought anything to change me, except modern clothes, so I had to wear a t-shirt in my barbaric dress.

The boss obviously did not object, but I said to myself, I did not want to ruin the atmosphere of the whole group (all barbarians) with a t-shirt (I had only brought old and very white t-shirts, the ones I use to work at home).

So I decided that I would spend the rest of the 6 days of playing with my ​​bare breasts, the head group called one of the organizers, explained the affair and asked if it was ok.

As in Italy is allowed topless under certain conditions, and we were in a private area, the organizer did not object.

Then the boss asked me if it was ok for bare feet, and if I had other shoes to wear.

I only had old sneakers bright pink color, which would destroy the costume, so I told him that I could stand barefoot 6 days (it was not true, it was an atrocious torture), and then he told me that if I did not want to be too naked, I could wear the war paint, and gave me some water pigments suitable for the skin.

So I asked him to help me to apply the war paints (ok ok…  it was a very sexy man and I did not mind that he touched my skin with his hands, even the breasts.)

Then spent the remaining 6 days of playing practically naked, with only a kilt of fur and fur shin guards.

Among other things while the embarrassment and shame they killed me inside, outside, I had to appear proud (because in fact I have a lean and toned body, I could be proud to show it).

however survived the embarrassment, and wonder, I decided that this would be my outfit in warm periods.

There are already three years in the event of spring (five days between the end of May, early June) if the weather permits (if not very cold, because even if it rains it is ok), in the event of August (7 days) and in the autumn (late September, even if is not too cold), my young and petite barbaric girl travels the world barefoot and showing her breasts, protected only by war paint.

And I’m not the only one, since you have joined the group my two girls younger than me who have decided to adopt a suit like mine.

Often, however, while the game come again attacked embarrassment, but the nudity characterizes my character, so I do not care.


A Local Spa

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My family has a membership to a local spa and every other Friday after school I like to use a steam room. I usually use a private one but on one particular day, they were all being used. So I had to use a more public and unisex steam. I thought it would be safe for me to be naked because not many people used the spa on a Friday. As I was sitting naked in the steam room, two older women in their forties wearing towels entered the room. I decided to keep calm because they were gonna see me either naked either way. Once they noticed me they smiled and giggled as they said hi to me. I said hi back as they sat down next to each other. We than began to make small talk but that ended quickly. They started to whisper to each other, and when they stopped they removed their towels revealing themselves. One of them had a semi-flat chest with no hair on her body, while the other one had big boobs with hair under her armpits and on her “area”. I immediately left the room before I could get a boner.


Her Little Boy…

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This happened when I was 17.

I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Since I thought I was alone in the house I didn’t bother bringing clothes in with me. So I dried myself off and went to the hall. And as I turned the corner, to my surprise my mom was walking towards me and saw me. I quickly covered myself and she had a slight look of surprise on her face.

“I’m sorry mom. I thought I was home alone.” I awkwardly said to her.

“That’s okay dear. And stop covering up, I have seen your penis before.” she said to me. I than uncovered my dick for her to see.

“Awww it’s so cute.” she said as I turned beat red.

“Cute?” I asked in dismay.

“I mean it’s so small and hairy, it’s just adorable.” she said as if it was a fact.

“You got to be kidding me” I said in disbelieve.

“Oh relax. There is no shame in having a small penis. Now go to your room.” she said to me. As I she walked pass she gave me a pinch in the ass.

From this day forth my mom calls me her “little boy”.






Ball Fetish

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This past year I went on an English tour with my school. During it we went to Scotland, England and Ireland. The boys in our group decided to buy a football (soccer ball)  in England seeing as it was the Football World Cup. Our teacher became really frustrated with them because they kept playing football, even while walking dangerous streets; she started taking the ball from them and carrying it around. When we were in Dublin (our last visit) and were walking back to the hostile I noticed that my teacher was yet again carrying the football. So naturally the first thing that came out of my mouth was ” M’am, do you have a ball fetish.” My teacher is a very proper women and after I said it I was completely mortified! She did not answer and for that I was grateful.


Spanked by Naughbor

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When I was 15 yo.
I moved to a new home , after 2 months our neighbor asked me to babysat her child (boy ) actually I didn’t know her well but she had to travel for her business so I accepted she said she will back in midnight.
So I went there at about 1.30 pm and she gave me the intro. To follow and then we started playing some cards and other games like computer , etc
Then I felt a bit bored and the child asked me to play in their backyard I said it is fine after a while I went to the back yard to see him I found him too dirty ( I forgot the intro that we shouldn’t play in the ground cuz of the dirts ) and then I tld him to go to the bath to clean himself but he threw me with a ball of dirt and laughed and we started playing in the dirt we all got so dirty on our clothes and even under our clothes as we was throwing and don’t know where would it come we kept playing from 6:00 Pm until 11:00 Pm about 5 hours playing in dirt then we heard the Door opened it was the mother I didn’t know what to do she found us all dirty in the backyard and she was too mad and she told us that we wouldn’t enter the home with this all dirt she asked me to stay out in the yard and she tok her child angerly and put him in the bath and I could hear the smaks on his bottom and the crying of him I was so scared of what would she do with me so I Frozed at my place when she finished with him she came to me and told me ” didn’t I tell u not to play in he ground ? ” itold her ” I am really sorry miss” then she took my arm angerly too and throw me in the bath and she removed my pants and underwear and shirt I was standing bare naked front of her and she told me to stay in the tub until she come she put my clothes in the laundry and she came back and washed me then she lended me the towel to dry after drying she told me ” GO TO THE LIVING NOW ” I got scared and ran to the living still naked when she came she took me and put me on her laps and started to spank me hard and hard my butt was on fire she kept spanking me for about 20 mins then she finished and told me to sleep on the couch naked and in the next day she woke me up early and kept spanking me then she gave me my clothes and let me go home .


Caught Naked

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I went to see my friend at his Home and His sister was showering. she was 18 yo and too hot with a big hot breasts. when the bill rang she opened in a towel i was confused and i said ” Hi …… is ur brother at home ? ” she said ” no but he will come in about an hour u can wait him inside”. so i didnt want to be rude so i entered and stayed in the living room and she went to continue her shower after about 5 min i went to my friend room and stayed but when i entered i think that a bug entered my t-shirt so was like jumping to try to kill it or something but i couldnt so i took off my shirt but i didnt find the bug then i found that there is something in my pants but dude ” i cant take off my pants in my friend house ” but after thinking. i took of my pants and throw it because i thought that the bug wasin it. but it wasnt now am in my boxers and i cant get my pants or shirt as i throw it from his room and they was thrown in the bottom floor and my friend room was in the upper . then after a while as i was jumping to try to kill the bug his sister came and said ” what is wrong with u? i heard alot of noise here ” from outside the room and i told her ” wait . dont enter ” but i think she didnt hear me and she entered the room and she was still in that towel and i was only in my boxers . she was surprised and she smiled and said ” what are u doing with that cute Boxer ” as my boxer had a big draw for Superman than i was embarrassed and couldnt answer her then she asked about what happened and i told her about the bug she thought i was lying and she tried to catch me as she was bigger than me in size she was stronger when she caught me i tried to resist her to try to run away from her and whil i was resisting she was about to fall over but i grabbed her from the towel and i caught the towe strongly but she fall over and the towel were thrown from the window in that moment i could finally see her big BOOBS and all her body naked she had a nice shaved ***** and i was still in my boxer and i got erect then she was mad and she caught me strongly and sat on the bed and put me on her laps and spanked me hard and said ” that will teach u not to take ur clothes off in any other houses ” and i said “i am sorry ,please leave me” she didnt after a while i was crying and told her ” Leave me u Idiot ” and i wished that i didnt say that she became more angry and then she said “u will learn how to speak to me well ” and she took off my boxers and i was now full naked and she was too and she laughed and said ” Oh cute White Butt” and she grabbed them and played with them and then she spanked me hard until my ass was on fire then she kissed me on my butt and left me and said ” u will go home naked to learn how to talk to me good next time ” i begged her not to do this to me then she told me ” u have to choices 1st that u go ur home in ur boxers and the 2nd is to stay here for the whole day and u will go home tomorrow with ur clothes ” i told her i will think then i told her ” ok i will stay ” then she told me ” oh i forgot to tell u that my parents will come next week and i think that my brother is out the town so he will come after two days ” so i told her ” but that mean that wont be anybody home exept us ” she said ” yeah ” with an evil smile and i stayed for the whole day naked with a red ass from spanking when the night came and we had to sleep now and she told me ” as we are the only at home that mean u will sleep in my room ” and i told her ” can i have a Pj to sleep in and something to sleep on as i will sleep on the floor ” she said ” who said u will sleep on the floor ” i was afraid of her after she said these words then she went out and came with a pj and i said ” thanks for leting me sleep in that pj ” then she throw the pj from the room and i was like ” O.O ” then she told me ” GET ON THE BED ” and i run to the bed as she said then she said ” bend over the bed ” i said ” Why ? ” she said “NOW ” i bend as he said my butt was facing her and my face in the pillow and cant see what she is doing after about 15 sec she said “Bend more ” and i did and Then all of a sudden I felt two hard sharp stinging bare-hand spanks on my butt. and i cried so hard as it hurts me and she did it agian for about 4 or 5 times and my ass was on fire and i was crying in pain then she kissed my ass for about 10 sec that made me erect then she said ” now look at me ” and i did the i was she surprised that she was full naked i didnt know that she took her clothes off in those 15 sec and she kissed me then she kissed my erect penis with her lips and she suck it and played with it for awhile and then she told me ” Now go to sleep . baby ” and i was so embarrassed for the whole day now i have to sleep with her on the same bed NAKED when we slept i woke up at 7 am i found her boobs in my face and she was hugging me too much and i think she was sleeping on me and when she woke up she told to get my clothes and go home .
The End